More than connecting

We are an oil & gas and mining company

Alron Pasifik Energi is one of the foremost company at energy services. Although our company established on March 2013, but we have professional team who expert in analysing of energy products suit for your business needs.

As a trading company, Alron Pasifik Energi focus on offering various energy products from Russian Refineries such as Russian Gas Oil D2, Mazut M100, Aviation Kerosene Grade 54 Jet Fuel, HSD2 Gas AGO (Automotive), Blend Crude Oil Gost 51 LNG and many more. Currently, for more 15 countries in the world we are serving. We build a strong relationship with Title Holder/Sellers that persuade us they can guarantee not only the quality, but also the availability of oil and gas products and services for client ‘s needs. Moreover, we are able to find the best price for you and your business, the most suitable product and contractual terms, as well as the most appropriate supplier to meet your energy cost management needs. This includes suppliers terms and conditions so clients are fully aware of their contractual obligations. As a business entity, energy industry always keep on moving to meet global business challenge. And thus, Alron Pasifik Energi have a great efforts to keep up the scale of business. In which one of them, we are planning to build coal mining sites in East and West Kalimantan. Furthermore, we are preparing in collaboration with Russian refineries to make a join venture for oil and gas business sectors. By the creating breakthroughs for our business future, we convince that we are able to build productive relationships with each other both partners and customers.